PT Dantosan Precon Perkasa (Precon) was founded in 1993 as an engineering and manufacturing precast concrete company under the trade name of PRECON.
Precon was founded upon realizing the time consuming and wasteful nature of using conventional method of building walls. Hence precast concrete walls system was founded. This subsequently led to the formation of the business entity of PT Dantosan Precon Perkasa.

In conjunction with precast concrete system, Precon established a technical partnership with Rescrete Industries Pty Ltd, an established Australian-based company with 35 years of experience in precast concrete engineering and manufacturing (now Hudson's).

Presently, after more than 2 decades in construction industry Precon has established a strong reputable trademark of Precon with its own 20 Ha area in Karawang of which 6 Ha is occupied for production.

Marketing Office
Jl. P Jayakarta 117, Blok B 52-54, Jakarta 10730.
Phone: 6009087, Fax: 6018992
Processing Factory
Jl. Raya Kosambi Curug km2, Walahar, Klari, Karawang Timur 41371.
Phone: 431930, Fax 0267 431931