Precon HollowCore Wall and Floor Panels are latest technology solution suitable for wall, floor and flat roof construction. It replaces conventional construction method of using brick, concrete block, aluminium and steel.
Precon HollowCore are manufactured and cut to fit the job complete with blockouts which facilitate simple fast erection and shorter time schedules. This main advantage of flexibility to design and accelerate time to construction.
Precon Hollow Core fit for commercial and industrial buildings/factory because of its strength, durability, fire resistance, acoustic and insulation properties.

HollowCore Floor
Pre-stressed, thickness of 150,200,250,300, 350 mm
Maximum Length up to 12 meter

HollowCore Walls
" Pre-stressed, "Exposed " or "Smooth Finishing", thickness of 150,200,250 mm " Maximum Length up to 12 meter " Beam, Collum and Architectural Panels Dimension of these are dependent upon design and application

Precon Drainage products, especially the concrete pipe are manufactured using newest fully computerized concrete batching plant system Bidrectional Radial Press System. Also with reinforcement cage welding machine which ensure highest quality of reinforce and non pipe.

Concrete Pipe
Reinforced and non, diameter 300 up to 1400
Reinforced, size 40x40 (U4040) up to 80x100 (U80100)
Large U-Ditch
Reinforced, size from 100x100 (UL100100) and above
Reinforced, size from 100x100 (BC100100) and above
Drainage Cover
Reinforced, size depend on design and application
Manhole and Accessories
Standard and according to design and application

Concrete Fence
Reinforced, size 400x2500, thickness 5 cm with poles

Type A and B (size according to PU standard)

K-150, K-175, K-225 up to K-600, K-700